Tape holder and paper packing tape set




Together is to buy cheaper, pack more convenient. Hand-taping device for hand-packed tape up to 50 mm wide, with a 76 mm diameter sleeve. The taping device is made of plastic and the wearing parts are made of metal, so the device is light in hand. The blade covers a guard that moves away from the blade during cutting. The part of the tape roll holder has a regulator that can be used to adjust the speed of unwinding of the tape from the roll. The taping machine is convenient for quick taping of boxes and other items, because the roll of tape is always ready for use. The base material of the packaging tape is smooth, tear-resistant and impregnated paper, the adhesive type is natural rubber or solvent adhesive and the thickness of the tape is 120mic. Paper wrapping tape is suitable for gluing corrugated boxes, but also for marking. The inner diameter of the sleeve is 76mm.


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